AQUA 2000 – 3000 W

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Creating the intense heat output needed under parasols and pergolas, with compact design it is visually appealing and easy to operate.

WARNING: Electric heaters are to IP55 and need to be hard wired (no plug or cable supplied). All electric heaters will need to be fitted/installed by a qualified electrician.

Custom Design Reflector

The custom designed reflector better focuses the heat, creating the intense heat output needed under parasols and pergolas.

High End Quality – High End Design

Thanks to its aluminium and stainless steel body parts, no matter how hard the external conditions are, Aqua series do not show even a glimpse of wear or loss of its aesthetic looks. Due to its compact design it is easy to install and easy to operate.

IP55 Weatherproof

Do not let the hard weather conditions interrupt your business! Thanks to its IP55 rated water protection, Spaceray’s AQUA creates a comfortable ambient even when raining.

High Capacity Range

It is much easier to determine the best intensity to create a warm environment with various capacities of Spaceray’s AQUA range. Models available from 1.5 to 3.0Kw. High ceilings, strong winds
will not be a problem.

Model Variants Heat Coverage Mounting Height Dimensions (mm) Weight Current
GSA20 2.0kW 10m2 3.0m 500 x 199 x 112 2.6kg 8.7A
GSA30 3.0kW 18m2 3.0m 900 x 199 x 112 4.4kg 13.0A

Aqua GSA20 Floor coverage
Aqua GSA20 Floor coverage

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